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  1. Notes: 3 / 1 year ago 
    I think some people are under the impression that my ask box works like a search engine. I think these people also don’t really know how to use search engines.

    I think some people are under the impression that my ask box works like a search engine. I think these people also don’t really know how to use search engines.

  2. Notes: 271 / 3 years ago  from therealkatiewest
    Katie West: Welcome!


    I got a bunch of new followers and I think some may be here for the wrong reasons. I think they’re here for pussy, tits, and ass. And though I am an excellent source of all three of those things, that is not what I am here to provide.

    I am here because I like it here. Because I’ve made some very great friends on the internet over the years and a lot of them hang out here. I’m here because I like to share things. I like when people identify with me, share experiences with me, help me with things I don’t know, teach me about things I don’t understand, and show me things I would never have seen if it weren’t for them.

    And while I’m here I share pictures, I tell stories, I vent and I rant about things that bother me and I try to be and do good. Doing good is important to me and manifests itself in many different ways. It could be anything from always crediting the art and writing and ideas I reblog, to encouraging self-love, to supporting my friends and what they do, or to not engaging with people who will hurt me (because doing good includes doing good for me too). It includes educating myself about the things I don’t know about, and being open to people telling me that I still don’t know enough. It includes being aware of the language I use, and how it affects those who read it.

    About that. Can we all just think about how we talk to each other for a minute? Can we just think, for one second, before we say something and wonder how the person hearing it might feel? That’s a really simple, and easy way to do good.

    So if you want to talk to women like they’re sub-human, ejaculate catch-alls, this may not be the place for you. I’m just not really into that. Unless I ask for it. So just remember, a woman prancing around in her underwear is not asking for you to send her a picture of your penis, nor is she hoping for you to touch her. But she made you want her?! That’s okay, it still doesn’t mean you can take her. You can just do what I do when I watch Rihanna videos: appreciate how ridiculously sexy she is, maybe (probably) get off, buy her album in appreciation of her awesomeness, hope she continues making art. FOREVER. Okay, you don’t have to do all that, that’s just what I do. EDIT: I’m not saying it’s bad to compliment women! You should totally keep doing that all day every day! I’m saying when you start to move your body on top of a woman’s (or anyone’s) without her permission, whether verbally, virtually, or physically, you’re a dick and you need to sort that out.

    Also, can we just let each other be sexy as fuck? Can we just let ourselves do that? You can still be intelligent AND naked. You can still be full of soul AND naked. You can still be responsible, accountable, respectable AND naked. We don’t have to separate our sexual bodies from our brains and our hearts in order to be considered GOOD. Don’t demand that of people, don’t demand it of yourselves. Because it’s bullshit.

    Oh, this talk got away from me a little bit. But great! I’m glad we have these talks. I think we can probably get along really well, we could even be the best of friends!

  3. 3 years ago 

    I’ve got a non-porny tumblr too.

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    A Porno Wish List

    • more female POV sets
    • porn that actually shows putting the condom on as a fun part of sex
    • more sexy asian dudes
    • a Voltaire hardcore set
    • interracial porn that’s even slightly less blatantly racist
    • a non-white gal in a Princess Leia metal bikini getup
    • more non-white gals in general, and specifically more black girls in porn that isn’t casting them as “ghetto hos”. Where’re the brown SGs at?
    • and where are the sexy black nerd guys?
    • more porn with a sense of humor
    • albino porn!
    • a porn parody of a TV show that isn’t a ghastly abomination sunk in the abyssal depths of the uncanny valley
  5. 3 years ago 
    My ask-hole is wide open

    Take advantage while I’m drunk on a monday night.

  6. 4 years ago 

    If you ever doubt that porn is overwhelmingly made by men for men, just look through your collection had see how many pictures there are where the man’s face is out of shot.

    I count one male face in 10 pages of my porn tumblr’s dashboard.

  7. 4 years ago 
    OK for real this time...

    Here’s my new other tumblr for non-porn stuff.  It will still have swearing and maybe the odd nipple but nothing that should get you fired unless your boss is a Mormon. Caveat Lector.

    I only started this one as a personal online porn-stash without realizing tumblr was actually kind of a neat community with stuff I wanted to comment on.  Since contrary to all initial intentions I seem to be making more non-porn posts of late, I’ve decided to move all that over to a new tumblr so as not to distract from your boner material.  You’re welcome.

    Still anonymous tho’. If you needed to know, you’d know, y’know?

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